Friday, 2 April 2010

Relaxing Thomas Aquinas Lecture

Here's a link to a lecture by Brian Davies in which he talks about the 'new' atheism, and gives an excellent insight into how St Thomas gives us the tools to think clearly about these issues.

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  1. Thanks for linking to this lecture! Another couple of good books in which Davies expands on many of the themes related in this lecture are:

    Brian Davies, “An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion”, Oxford University Press.
    Brian Davies, “The Reality of God and the Problem of Evil”, Continuum.

    I must admit that the most worrying thing that I find about the so-called New Atheists is their anti-rationality. The philosophical arguments that they present are transparently incorrect, and many philosophers (theistic and non-theistic alike) have demolished their positions. Their whole approach seems to be that of appealing to the basest instincts amongst their audience. Perhaps they should be labelled the “new barbarism”…